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Off-Grid Solar Energy, More Interest, Easier to Install

October 23, 2014 Off-Grid Kits

Solar panel power remains one of the most viable alternative energy option for many consumers. Stand alone systems that provide electricity for the off grid solar energy  home are just as viable as those systems consumers utilize in systems tied into the utility company’s power grid. While there are people who enjoy living in a remote […]

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Are Low Cost Solar Panels Bad for America?

April 26, 2012 Off-Grid Kits

Calls flow into our administrative office in Sacramento every day from Americans who will only buy American solar panels and other products. Where you stand on the issue is likely a function of your level of outrage on the exporting of American jobs. Today the solar industry in the US is booming in almost all […]

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home battery backup

Emergency Home Battery Backup Power Systems, Pre-Wired, Ready to Install

March 5, 2012 Climate Change

Assembled, wired and tested by factory trained technicians, this 2000 watt home emergency backup power battery system has an inverter that monitors the grid. When the utility power goes down, the 2000 watt backup will automatically switch your home over to battery backup power in under a second then switch back and recharge the batteries […]

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battery charge controller

OutBack FlexMax Maximum Power Point Tracking Charge Controller

February 5, 2012 Off-Grid Kits

The Outback Flexmax 60 maximum solar power point tracking charge controllers offers an efficient, safe, multi-stage recharging process that prolongs battery life and assures peak performance from a solar array. Each Outback Flexmax 60 charge controller allows customized battery recharging. The Outback Flexmax 60 charge controller is engineered to work with 12, 24, 36, 48, […]

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off-grid kit

RV Solar Kits, A Popular Off-Grid Solution

September 26, 2011 Off-Grid Kits

If you are like getting away from the crowded parks and prefer the solitude of off-grid out of the way places, you can benefit from solar power by using RV solar panel kits. Traditionally solar panels are known to be gigantic devices that are mounted on the roof of residential houses to heat water or […]

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solar careers

Solar and Wind Energy Jobs Fueling a New Green Economy

August 30, 2011 Off-Grid Kits

The solar and the wind industry continues to be major contributor to a new green economy in America. Creating well-paying jobs from the ashes of what was exported or destroyed to spur the economic recovery remains a central concern in America. The Great Recession has left many professionals and their families struggling to make ends […]

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marijuana grow lights

Off-Grid Solar Powering High-Intensity Discharge Lamps, Indoor Horticulture

August 24, 2011 Off-Grid Kits

It’s obvious that high-intensity discharge lamps are the choice for anyone serious about indoor horticulture. Problem is how do you off-set those high power bills that go along with powering high-intensity-discharge lamps. Enter, off-grid solar. Now that you have decided that getting (or remaining) off-grid, solar electricity is the natural choice that will work best […]

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Mobile Solar Generator AC Portable Energy Off-grid Power Anywhere

March 23, 2011 Off-Grid Kits

Portable solar generator designed to provide off-grid AC electricity and light enough to tow behind most passenger cars. This powerful solar generator is built to last and simple to run. Simply locate the trailer where you need the power, then tip it as shown in the picture pointing south, and you are good to go. […]

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Affordable Residential Pre-fabricated Solar Panels Delivered By Truck

February 5, 2011 grid-tied solar

Prefab residential grid-tied modular solar system that is extremely fast and easy to setup and produces up to 2.5kw of power. Each solar module (Preassembled Unit Shown) can be fitted with 12 solar panels from 185 Watt to 250 Watts and an inverter to meet the customers needs in terms of power output and capabilities. […]

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facebook ipad

Sea Kayaking, Blogging & Portable Solar, a Potent Combination

January 2, 2011 Off-Grid Kits

iPad Solar Battery Charger Review – Facebook blogging with portable solar and a new iPad sounded like great fun as long as the weather holds. California’s northern coastline is a gem of tranquility in the shadow of rocky coastal cliffs. Planning our trip, we thought it would be cool to post some pictures on our […]

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