Emergency Home Battery Backup Power Systems, Pre-Wired, Ready to Install

Assembled, wired and tested by factory trained technicians, this 2000 watt home emergency backup power battery system has an inverter that monitors the grid. When the utility power goes down, the 2000 watt backup will automatically switch your home over to battery backup power in under a second then switch back and recharge the batteries when the grid is up again. The 2000W Home Backup System comes standard with four 200 aH AGM batteries, with the option of adding more. The heart of the system is a Magnum MS2012 2,000 watt sine wave inverter. Also included are Magnum Battery monitor, battery enclosure with two shelves, all necessary battery interconnects and terminal caps. With a variety of flexible options, this 2000W Home Backup System includes an AC plug, which allows you to plug an extension cord or appliance directly into the unit for quick restoration of power to specific items.

2000W Home Emergency Backup Power System is solid-state electronic device pre-wired and ready for the next utility blackout. This made in American home blackout power kit is expandable for solar, wind and additional batteries. The 2000W Home Emergency Backup Power System Blue Pacific Solar sells employ the latest in power electronics.

Off-grid or grid tied, here is how the 2000W Home Emergency Backup Power System basically works. For a grid tied battery backup, grid power comes into the 2000 W Home Backup Power System. If the backup batteries are fully charged, the power is then passed to the critical load or backup load subpanel inside the home. The 2000W Home Emergency Backup Power System is monitoring the sine wave of the grid, amps and volts. When the 2000W Home Emergency Backup Power System detects changes outside the default parameters, it immediately begins to draw power from the backup battery system and pushes it to the critical load subpanel.

If you have solar panel system connected to the 2000W Home Emergency Backup Power System, the power center will use the electricity produced by your solar panels to charge the batteries making 2000W Home Emergency Backup Power System a great choice for home backup and off-grid applications.

2000W Home Emergency Backup Power System uses multiple stages of control to regulate different voltage and current levels. The voltage and current of a battery varies over the different stages of battery charge. Though the amount can vary, the bulk charge usually is approximately 80%, the absorption charge is 10% with the float charge representing the balance of the battery charging process.

The bulk charging stage of the 2000W Home Emergency Backup Power System process is the first stage to used to bring the battery depth of discharge (DOD) back to 100%. The bulk charge stage happens first in in the morning after the batteries DOD has drained down since sunset the previous day. The bulk charging stage pushes as many amps into the battery bank as possible from the solar panels and gets the voltage up in the process. The effect of a Power Center is not unlike trying to fill a glass of water from a faucet. You first turn the faucet on full while the glass if filling, then slowly taper off the pressure until the glass is full. When the battery bank reaches a predetermined level known as the bulk voltage set-point, the charge is then substantially slowed. Because the bulk voltage set point is determined by the type of battery you are using, many Power Centers have to be pre-set to the type of battery which will dictate the rate of charge.

The second state of charge the 2000W Home Emergency Backup Power System employs is the absorption stage. After a battery system has been brought up to the bulk voltage set point, the Power Center slows down the charge rate because the battery bank cannot accept the same rapid charging pace without overheating and damaging the battery bank. At the absorption stage a battery bank is only about 80% full. The absorption charge is the function level in the process that tops off the battery bank. During the absorption stage, the Power Center holds the battery volts constant and reduces the amount of current sent into the battery. When the absorption stage is complete, the battery bank is fully charges.

The final step the 2000W Home Emergency Backup Power System performs is the float charge. Typically a Power Center enters into a float charge state when the other charge levels of the battery bank has been achieved. When the number of peak sun hours is limited, a solar Power Center may not be able to get the battery bank back to the float stage before the next cycle begins. Each 2000W Home Emergency Backup Power System comes custom pre-wired with inverter mounted ready to power up. You simply have to finish connecting into your battery bank and wire to your breaker box or subpanel. Simple, easy, fast.