RV Solar Kits, A Popular Off-Grid Solution

If you are like getting away from the crowded parks and prefer the solitude of off-grid out of the way places, you can benefit from solar power by using RV solar panel kits. Traditionally solar panels are known to be gigantic devices that are mounted on the roof of residential houses to heat water or generate power to be used for home lighting. Technology has however enabled production of portable solar panels that can be used to power numerous electric gadgets that are used by many travelers off-grid.

An RV off-grid solar panel kit will power many electronics when you are away from home either travelling or camping. The RV kit is a solar electronic system that converts sun rays into electric current which charge a battery. This power is later used to power the interior of the house as in lighting and other appliances. This has saved many travelers the agony of suffering from car battery while on the road.

A standard off-grid RV kit contains solar panels, charge controller and the necessary wiring system. The charger controller ensures that the battery is not damaged because of overcharging. It regulates the inflow of power generated by the solar panel and automatically switches off when the battery is adequately charged.

RV solar panel kits work in the same way as other panels which feature photovoltaic cells. It requires exposure to the sun. They are rated according to the amount of power that they can generate. The only difference is their portability. Use the wires provided for connecting the solar panels with the battery when off-grid. The charge controller should be in between the solar panel and the battery. Connect the battery after it has been full charged to any appliance of your choice.

These custom portable solar panels have gained popularity with those who go camping in off-grid remote areas. They especially come in handy with lighting requirements at night. One can charge lanterns and torches for use in the tent when the night falls. They can also power small portable radios.

Like other solar panels portable RV solar kits generate clean power devoid of pollution associated with other conventional power sources. These kits are economically priced as compared to other alternatives available to travelers like kerosene powered lantern. Lanterns that use normal battery are too expensive since you will have to replace them now and then. The RV kit is also convenient if you are in a remote area that has no stores where you can buy batteries for replacement.

The only limitation of RV off-grid solar kits as compared to other solar panels is that they can only be used for low power electrical gadgets. They are however adequate for the outdoor requirement which is why they have been designed in the first place. RV solar kit is a useful innovation that has offered solutions to many travelers.

Source: Solar Panels