Mobile Solar Generator AC Portable Energy Off-grid Power Anywhere

Portable solar generator designed to provide off-grid AC electricity and light enough to tow behind most passenger cars. This powerful solar generator is built to last and simple to run. Simply locate the trailer where you need the power, then tip it as shown in the picture pointing south, and you are good to go. Finally a solar generator that is lightweight portable and better than plug and play. With this modern power generator, you just tip and go.

Portable solar generator that will supply the power for a variety of off-grid needs. Doing the work of diesel or gasoline generators this portable solar generator is easy to pull and operate.

With a lightweight trailer hitch, you can pull up to any location and set up this portable generator in under a minute. This solar generator does not require maintenance other than keeping the panel free of dust and debris. There is no internal combustion engine to fuel, oil, or otherwise service. These mobile solar generators do not use gasoline and have no moving parts. Solar power that is simple to set and and use.

Solar generator that is mobile and can produce up to 2kW hours of daily electricity in a typical environment and stores over 5kW hours of power. This portable device provides clean power to run lights, water pumps, heaters, computers, communication equipment, power tools, musical gear, and many other devices. The portable generator can be easily repositioned to face the sun throughout the day, amplifying the solar collection capability and providing even greater power output.

Emergency power solar generator will product up to 20% more than fixed arrays as you position to follow the sun. Solar powered portable generators, while more expensive to purchase than a gasoline powered generator, but pays for itself because you do not have the expense of fuel, oil and maintenance. $5.00 per gallon gasoline is just around the corner. Dependable mobile solar generator manufactured with quality components and rugged steel construction. Solar generators that operate without the smelly diesel fumes designed to provide power when and where you need it most.

Off-grid mobile solar generator comes with 2 – 265 aH gelled electrolyte batteries. That means the electrolyte is gelled by adding silicon dioxide. The mixture is added to the battery as a warm liquid then turns to gel as it cools. This portable generator trailer is built tough, is made-in-America and will work well for extreme climate conditions. Two year warranty on the trailer, 25 year warranty on the solar panel so there is not much chance of a broken connection or part.

  • One 240 watt solar panel that can produce up to 1.5 kWh per day (STC). ¬†AC power with battery backup.
  • 2 deep cycle 265 aH batteries
  • Mobile portable power with built in battery storage.
  • Prebuilt and wired with AC inverter and charge controller.
  • Mobile solar power station that has IEC and UL certified components.
  • Rugged street legal design.
  • Power that you can park and take with you when you need it.

Price $9,349 plus frieght of $350. Delivery of this portable solar generator is available anywhere in the world. The mobile portable trailer is prebuilt then mounted on a custom pallet, solar panel and battery as shown, ready to ship by truck, ocean freight or any standard shipping method.