High Priced Gas! Home Solar Kits e Rescue.

Americans who are suffering from the unpredictable rising cost of energy take heart; home  solar is coming to a home near you. More and more people are put off by the alarming rise in fuel costs and are turning to home solar to offset their household expenses. You are soon going have to come up with another $100 per month in gasoline charges, buy an electric or hybrid vehicle and then go solar saving the money instead.

Some solar companies are offering per-engineered solar kits to the masses making it cheaper and easier than ever to install solar yourself on your home.

Blue Pacific Solar in Sacramento California unveiled several home solar kits as well as a new home solar financing package that is available this week. Why would anyone lease a system and allow a company to mount a system that after 15 years of payments they will never own? Owning and installing your own home solar kit is now easier than ever. Take full advantage of the federal and state tax rebates that are available by buying and installing your own home solar kit.

The solar industry in America is expanding and you can get in on the savings by installing your own home solar kit. If you can do minor repairs around your house, you likely have the skills to install your own solar kit.

The typical home solar kit you see in the picture above consists of 9 Schüco solar panels and 9 Enphase micro inverters. The solar panels make DC electricity that is fed to the micro inverter attached below each panel. The micro inverter changes the electricity to AC power that is then fed into your home circuit breaker box.

The first thing that you do when installing your own home solar power kit is to mount the standoffs and racks for the panels on the roof. You then need to install what’s called a combiner box with an AC cut off switch at the end of the rack. From there your run conduit down through your roof and into an AC disconnect near your home breaker box.

You then install your Enphase inverters and run all the wiring needed. Next step in installing your home solar kit are the 9 225 watt solar panels in this case three rows of three. Each rack is lag bolted to the home’s roof rafters and held up off the roof to allow for air circulation below the panels.

Installing your own home solar may seem a little complex, but with a good solar company providing you the proper support; it can be a very satisfying experience.

The fact is a home solar kit is a smart investment. You reduce your monthly electricity payments and increase your household cash flow and the salability of your house. The savings are immediate. If you don’t want to loose your shirt this summer over the rising cost of gasoline, your home solar kit can put money in your pocket and offset the expense.