Affordable Residential Pre-fabricated Solar Panels Delivered By Truck

Prefab residential grid-tied modular solar system that is extremely fast and easy to setup and produces up to 2.5kw of power. Each solar module (Preassembled Unit Shown) can be fitted with 12 solar panels from 185 Watt to 250 Watts and an inverter to meet the customers needs in terms of power output and capabilities. The solar inverter of first choice is SMA.

SMA is the world’s largest producer of solar inverters and is the only company that has a product range with the matching inverter type for any module type and any power class.The finished grid-tied residential solar system is permanently installed on site using ground anchors and carries the same warranty as a roof mount solar system.

The grid-tied residential solar modules are produced in a factory in California and have excellent quality chassis / frame, wiring and completely enclosed electronics. Factory production allows for a much higher quality build over traditional solar arrays which are built on site. An installed factory production solar module costs 15%- 20% less than a similar traditional solar system.

The pre-assembled modules are wired and delivered to the customers home where they will need to hire a local licensed electrician to complete the wiring to the grid. The homeowner can save a considerable amount of money by doing some of the work like trenching themselves. The pre-engineered solar kit makes home solar very affordable. After California rebates and federal tax incentives the solar kit could be installed for under $9,000. If the homeowners utility bills are averaging $250 per month, the payback for this system, is under 4 years.

2.5 kW Factory Build Solar Module Installed After Rebates for Under $9,000

2.5 kW Factory Build Solar Module Installed After Rebates for Under $9,000

Grid-tied solar modular power units (grid-tied residentials) are factory built, pre-assembled, self-ballasted, ground-mount solar systems. The Grid-tied solar structural frames are built with heavy gauge cold rolled high tensile steel with an extremely durable G-90 galvanized finish. Structure frame components are bolted together with 7/16” (8.2 grade) galvanized steel bolts and nuts.

Standard Grid-tied solar units are 20’-0” or 22’-2”-feet in length depending on PV module size and power output. The unit width is 9’-6” for both lengths. Standard grid-tied Grid-tied solar units’ weigh between 1,800 lbs to 2,100 lbs. Off-grid systems weight varies depending on attached battery storage and accessories specified by the customer.

The Grid-tied solar frame consists of three major sections:

1. Grid-tied solar Legs

Grid-tied solar power frame has adjustable legs are rated @2,500 lb each with a galvanized zinc finish. Each leg independently adjusts within a vertical range of 36” to accommodate uneven terrain. Footpads are made with 3-ga G-90 steel and footpad size varies from 12” x 12” up to 24” x 24” depending soil conditions at site.

2. PV Module Support Rack

The PV module support rack supports the solar modules. The PV modules are attached onto steel tracks forming a solid monolithic unit panel for added strength and stability. PV modules are firmly secured to the track with tamper proof fasteners. The solar angle for each unit is set at the factory according to the host site requirements submitted to Grid-tied solar by the customer prior to shipping. The solar angle onsite may require further adjustment to conform to site conditions. This can be achieved by adjusting the leg height of the Grid-tied solar power platform.

Grid-tied solar Installation Guidelines

3. Grid-tied solar Base Platform

The Grid-tied solar base platform chassis supports the entire structure including the module rack, the adjustable legs, and accessories. The base platform is constructed from heavy 10-ga G-90 cold rolled steel. The module rack products is attached to the chassis with heavy-duty steel hinges on one side and three steel backstay supports. The adjustable legs are attached to the chassis and support the entire system’s weight on the ground. Standard base platform height is 24” to 28”, field adjusted.

The  2.5 kW solar module shown in the top picture sell for $13,689 plus $450 delivery within 500 miles of Sacramento. The solar module is eligible for federal tax credits and state rebates. To learn more about this solar product, go to Solar module usually ships within 15 days of final approval.