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Sea Kayaking, Blogging & Portable Solar, a Potent Combination

January 2, 2011 Off-Grid Kits

iPad Solar Battery Charger Review – Facebook blogging with portable solar and a new iPad sounded like great fun as long as the weather holds. California’s northern coastline is a gem of tranquility in the shadow of rocky coastal cliffs. Planning our trip, we thought it would be cool to post some pictures on our […]

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Solar Investment Opportunities For Senegal Are Slow But Improving

November 4, 2010 Off-Grid Kits

Solar remains a plausible investment opportunity in the Republic of Senegal in western Africa. The country has a democratic government and should be a great place for foreign investors interested in solar and renewable energy. Using the natural port of Dakar, it is within easy reach of the US and European markets. With a stable […]

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PACE Solar Financing Is Heading For A San Francisco or D.C. Federal Courtroom

October 20, 2010 Off-Grid Kits

PACE solar installation financing came to a smoking tire screeching halt earlier this year when wall street banks Fanny and Freddie felt their “executive compensation” was being local loan blocked. More than 100 cities and a dozen counties, representing an estimated 12 percent of California’s population, had been throttling up to participate in a PACE […]

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Solar is Helping to Keep Our Troops Safe | On The Move

September 17, 2010 Off-Grid Kits

California Solar News – The US marines are raising the bar employing solar to help keep our soldiers safe. Solar generators, solar heating and cooling and portable solar powered equipment reduce the amount of fuel and exposure for support vehicles and personnel. Moving and supplying troops without detection is a life and death issue. Developing […]

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Jerry Brown and Solar Renewable Energy Jobs. California, Give Jerry a Good Look & Consider Sending Him to Sacramento.

August 11, 2010 Commercial Solar Installations

Sacramento California Solar News – Jerry Brown wants to be governor of the state of California returning to Sacramento. When I first heard the words I was honestly a little sceptical. I am a huge supporter of Governor Schwarzenegger who, in turn, is a big supporter of solar energy and wish more than anything he […]

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Is Solar Worth it? Absolutely America! Make Provisions for the Future. Progressive Thinking, Renewable Sustainable Energy is What We Need More Of.

August 4, 2010 Climate Change

California Solar Commentary – There is a whole list of reasons why this country’s leaders from all sides needs to get behind renewable energy like solar. Proof surfaces taken from real life headlines everyday somewhere in America. The author reasons that solar needs to be cost competitive with coal to become nationally viable. No arguing […]

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Solar Installation Jobs in San Jose and Sacramento California take a big step forward.

June 27, 2010 Off-Grid Kits

San Jose Solar News – Suns Up Solar, already a leading solar installer in Santa Cruz California, has taken a bold step toward capturing more of the San Jose California solar installers market. Despite a weak economy, U.S. solar power companies increased their revenue by 36 percent and added 17,000 jobs last year. A significant […]

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Solar Thermal Residential / Commercial Hot Water Heating

April 25, 2010 Off-Grid Kits

Solar thermal or, as it is sometimes called, solar hot water heating systems, is a simple technology used for harnessing the sun’s energy for water heating that has been in wide use for many years. Water heating is the second highest energy cost in a typical residential home or commercial business. Solar thermal hot water […]

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Schuco 210 Watt Solar Panels, Schuco Home Solar Installation

March 7, 2010 grid-tied solar

Schuco 210 Watt Solar Panel – Schüco is the global leader in building envelope technology and one of the world’s largest and oldest manufactures of solar energy systems. Schuco solar panels – Having just completed a Schüco design and installation training certification we were could not help but be impressed by their level of quality […]

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Brunton Portable Solar Power, Brunton Solarroll 14 Portable Solar Battery Charger

February 28, 2010 Off-Grid Kits

Portable solar power, of course, can only mean Brunton Portable Power. Brunton is the leader in outdoor equipment and the SolarRoll 14 ™ is Brunton’s next generation portable solar device is the ultimate means of powering electronic equipment and rechargeable batteries in the field. Not only portable solar power, but packable, it rolls down to […]

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