Off-grid solar kits with pre-wired power systems are the next generation in stand alone power that are made for the do-it-yourselfer. Most of the pre-wired kits we have put together have a DC to AC sinewave inverter, battery charger and AC transfer switch integrated into one power system. Just like the local utility, the OutBack [...]

Assembled, wired and tested by factory trained technicians, this 2000 watt home emergency backup power battery system has an inverter that monitors the grid. When the utility power goes down, the 2000 watt backup will automatically switch your home over to battery backup power in under a second then switch back and recharge the batteries [...]

Goal Zere has unvailed plans to upgrade the a outdoor enthusiasts old friend the Sherpa 50. The new Sherpa 50 will be available in June and is a punched up virsion of the original 50 watt lithium ion portable battery and will match it with a Nomad 10 portable solar panel. Proven in the extremes [...]

Backpacking Mountains or the Grand Canyon means every ounce of weight and space counts which is a basic conflict with the personal electronics we all love to use on our epic journeys. Goal Zero delivers once again on their Nomad 7 portable solar panel. Perfect for the Ultra-lite backpacker, the Goal Zero portable solar panel [...]

The Outback Flexmax 60 maximum solar power point tracking charge controllers offers an efficient, safe, multi-stage recharging process that prolongs battery life and assures peak performance from a solar array. Each Outback Flexmax 60 charge controller allows customized battery recharging. The Outback Flexmax 60 charge controller is engineered to work with 12, 24, 36, 48, [...]

Wind turbines operate by capturing the kinetic energy of moving air. AIR 30 wind turbines efficiently capture the power of the wind and converts it to rotational motion to turn an alternator that produces electrical power in much the same way a wind generator does. The electrical power must be regulated to a voltage to [...]

Home solar panels kits are bank on a hedge against future inflation. Once you start to investigate the process and taking the next step, here be the dragons. Buying 20 years of energy at a fixed cost upfront is not only daunting, it’s out of the question for many. Some prospective solar home buyers are [...]

Our favorite type of solar has to be the SunPod. Hassle free for the do-it-yourself homeowner, these pre-built ground mount solar panel units are scalable from 2.82kW to 3kW (STC-DC rating) per pod. You save thousands because units are built in a factory controlled environment, less cost = faster pay-back. Fast and simple to install, [...]

You will have everything you need for your off-grid travels with this kit. The portable solar panel with battery pack, AC power inverter and LED light will power your electronics while you journey on your back-country hikes. (Including your iPad) The 100 watt 110 VAC inverter with universal plug works with standard U.S. AC two [...]