Goal Zero Nomad 7 Portable Solar Panel for Ultra-lite Backpacking

Backpacking Mountains or the Grand Canyon means every ounce of weight and space counts which is a basic conflict with the personal electronics we all love to use on our epic journeys. Goal Zero delivers once again on their Nomad 7 portable solar panel. Perfect for the Ultra-lite backpacker, the Goal Zero portable solar panel is 30% smaller than comparable portable solar panels and 14 times more powerful.

Easier to use, plug and play, charge your small electronics and handheld devices directly from the Nomad 7 USB or 12 volt charging port. Goal Zero makes complete systems that are compatible, durable and affordable. The Nomad 7 is our best-selling portable solar panel and will charge a cell phone or MP3 player in 1 – 3 hours. Smart phones, GPS and USB camera’s power up in 2 – 4 hours.

The Goal Zero Nomad 7 portable solar panel is made of monocrystalline solar panel STC rated for 7 watts at a whopping 17 – 18% Efficiency. The Nomad 7 will charge just about anything that can be charged from a USB port. Standard with latch points on all 4 corners, you just drape this portable solar panel from the top of your backpack, plug-in your device and away you go for the day.

The Goal Zero Nomad 7 is a well designed portable solar panel product that meets the challenges of any rugged off-grid trip. The Nomad 7 can be dropped, stepped on, even saw one being driven over and it keeps on ticking. Goal Zero portable solar panels have been outdoor proven as dependable and easy to use for military units, trekkers, climbers, fisherman, snowmobile and professional outdoor photographers. All these groups and others have depended on the Goal Zero products for cell and satellite phone communications, emergency power and small battery maintenance.

USB Port 5V, 1.0A max (5W), linear regulated
12V Port 13-15V, 0.2A max (3W), boost regulated
Solar Port (for Guide 10) 6-6.5V, 1.0A max (6W), not regulated

Weight (no pkg) 0.8 lbs (0.36 kg)
Dimensions (folded) 6 x 9 x 1 inches
Dimensions (unfolded) 17 x 9 x 0.1 ininches
Warranty 12 Months