Outback GS8048-2CC Radian Power Center 8,000 Watts of Pure Solar Electricity

Outback Power Centers are a complete power, pre-wired, DC battery to AC system grid-interactive system. 8,000 watts (8 kW) of continuous power at 48 Vdc. Outback inverters can provide home emergency backup power as well as grid interactive energy so you can sell power back to the utility grid or have a complete standalone off-grid power source. The battery to pure sine wave 120/240 60 Hz can charge your battery bank from the grid, or from your solar panels to the included 2 Outback FlexMax charge controllers. Accommodate even more solar panels by adding additional charge controllers. Each OutBackFM80 Charge Controller will accommodate 4 kW of solar panels. Stackable in parallel configuration allowed up to 10 outback inverters to 80 kW. Modular internal design allows low idle consumption and high-efficiency at both high and low power operation. Certified by ETL to UL1741 and CSA C22.2

Outback GS8048-2CC Radian Power Centers are the next generation in advanced power management. Each is a DC to AC Sinewave inverter, battery charger and AC transfer switch integrated into one chassis. Just like the local utility grid, the inverter produces pure Sinewave AC electricity for your stand alone or back-up power needs. Computers, TVs and pumps are just some of the examples of modern electronics that last longer and run better when powered with pure Sinewave electricity from an OutBack inverter. Starting up your air conditioning, washing machine or well pump is worry-free because of OutBacks high surge power capability. Batteries and generators are the costly consumables when using inverters to generate electricity. The integrated smart battery charger uses multiple stages to perform quick recharging while prolonging battery life, saving your batteries and generator from unnecessary wear. Automatic switching between AC power sources is seamless due to an AC transfer switch that reacts in less than 16 milliseconds. Unique networked communication is built into all OutBack products providing complete integration. Expanding your system with your growing power needs is as simple as adding additional inverters with OutBacks modular system architecture. Further flexibility is provided with the ability to be connected at any time in either parallel, series or three-phase power configurations. Industry leading OutBack reliability is achieved through simplified design and rugged construction.

Outback GS8048-2CC Radian Power Center are solid-state electronic device that, when sized properly, can be used in nearly every solar and wind energy system that uses batteries. Radian inverter / charger provides a comprehensive answer for grid-tied and stand-alone power systems. Based upon a proven foundation of reliable technology, but engineered from the ground up to simplify the design, distribution, installation and implementation of energy storage, the standardized structure and integration with the GS Load Center make it easy to provide a successful solution to fulfillment of any power requirement, on-grid, backup power source and off-grid power. T