Portable Solar Power Pack and Battery Storage

Goal Zere has unvailed plans to upgrade the a outdoor enthusiasts old friend the Sherpa 50. The new Sherpa 50 will be available in June and is a punched up virsion of the original 50 watt lithium ion portable battery and will match it with a Nomad 10 portable solar panel.

Proven in the extremes of the Himalayas, the Sherpa 50 portable battery will keep your portable devices running anytime you’re off the grid. Goal Zero portable power is high capacity energy storage that takes on as much as you do. Sherpa 50 portable solar power pack is powerful enough for smartphone, iPad, laptop, portable DVD player or just about any small electronic device you throw her way. (You noticed I called it her. Must be a her because it operates so efficiently). Bulk is out, portable power is in! The Goal Zero Sherpa 50 portable solar kit new version is about half the size of its the original Sherpa 50. About the size of a DVD player, the Sherpa 50 has a removable inverter to make it 30% smaller & lighter. The new portable solar kit comes with a compact, bolt on inverter which makes it easier than plugging into a wall outlet. Direct connect PC port saves power so you can work & play longer.

LCD battery monitor will eliminates dead portable battery surprises. Made available with the Nomad 10 portable solar panel, this is one powerful solar kit you can take everywhere. The Nomad 10 portable solar panel can generates up to 10 watts of power using highly efficient monocrystalline solar cells. Lightweight and rugged, it folds small ready to tuck away until you need it.

With the new Sherpa 50 portable solar power pack you can have the option to direct connect option for your laptop. Waste less power with 4 different plug in and flexible charging options; USB, 12V laptop outports, AC output with inverter and upgraded USB with 1 amp of power plus recharge with wall outlet, car and portable solar panel.

The new Sherpa 50 portable solar power battery is available with a bolt on 110V AC modified sine wave inverter producing up to 75 watts of continous power to put more bling in your step. More than enough for most laptop computers and 2X as much power as needed for an iPad. The new Sherpa 50 is powerful enough for phones, tablets, laptops, lights, CPAP, video & camera equipment, DVD players and just about any portable electronic device you can throw her way.