Goal Zero Sherpa 120 Extreme Portable Solar Explorer Kit

You will have everything you need for your off-grid travels with this kit. The portable solar panel with battery pack, AC power inverter and LED light will power your electronics while you journey on your back-country hikes. (Including your iPad) The 100 watt 110 VAC inverter with universal plug works with standard U.S. AC two or three prong plugs and most international plugs. The inverter can be easily switched between 110V to 220V and allows you to power commonly used electronic devices such as laptops.

This portable solar panel with battery pack will power your expedition taking you well off-the-grid. From multiday back country hikes in the Grand Canyon to trekking into the High Sierras, the Sherpa 120 Adventure kit has been designed and field-tested by our team of adventurers spanning from mountain trekking to kayakers. Rugged, durable and portable the Sherpa 120 Adventure Kit packs even more power for the outdoor enthusiast that demands more in the back country gear. Collect solar power with the Nomad 27 watt portable solar panel.

Charge the Sherpa 120 battery pack in approximately 8 hours of ideal sunlight. This compact solar kit with battery folds into a tight, light and portable bundle. The portable solar panels is rated at 27 Watts of power. The enclosed travel case has a built-in pocket to store Nomad solar charging cable and accessories. Includes lightweight aluminum support rods to stiffen panel. The Sherpa 120 Power Pack kit will not only make electricity to charge your devices, but also stores the power until you need it.

The portable battery stores 120 Watt-hours of power and will charge any of your standard or custom electronics. A light 3.8 pounds of portable power. Built-in USB and DC output to charge handhelds. LCD screen shows power reserve at-a-glance. Chain up to three (3) additional Sherpa power packs. Rated for 2,000 – 3,000 cycles (5+ years of life).Equivalent to 70,000 AA alkaline batteries. Charge from the wall in 2.5 hours (charger included). Charge from Nomad 27M in 8 hours. Compatible with all GOAL ZERO solar gear. FCC and CE tested and certified. Charge AC devices with the Sherpa UI. Not included in kit. USE POWER with the Sherpa 120 Adventure Kit. Cell phone: 133 hours. 3 Watt Cree Estrella LED Light: 40 hours. iPod: 400 hours. Handheld Radio: 240 hours. Avalanche RX: 32 hours. GO Pro Camera: 74 hours. Handheld GPS: 222 hours. Sherpa 120 kit portable solar kit is sure to power your off-grid campsite needs.

Goal Zero Sherpa 120 Extreme portable solar kits sells for $733 and includes 30 watt solar panel, inverter, 120 watt portable battery pack and 3 watt LED light.