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Are Low Cost Solar Panels Bad for America?

April 26, 2012 Off-Grid Kits

Calls flow into our administrative office in Sacramento every day from Americans who will only buy American solar panels and other products. Where you stand on the issue is likely a function of your level of outrage on the exporting of American jobs. Today the solar industry in the US is booming in almost all […]

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Should Portable Solar Generators Only Supplement 30% Of Military’s Forward Positions?

October 14, 2010 Backup Power Systems

The U.S. military has long knows what mainstream American is just waking up too and that is the sun is an equal opportunity energy source. Should mobile portable solar power generators and off-grid power merely supplement 30% of all of the military’s forward position fossil fuel needs for power, billions of dollars and the safety […]

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California Central Valley Solar Fights On. Who’s Right?

August 17, 2010 Commercial Solar Installations

Solar News California – My wife loves to take the Panoche pass when she cuts over the central valley I-5 to her stomping grounds of the central coast of California. For me, leaving the solitude of the desert and miles of sun without the noise of people trying to claw their personal space out is […]

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Solar Portable Powered Devices

April 7, 2010 Uncategorized

Solar portable power devices can keep you connected when you’re away from a power source. Imagine being able to charge your cell phone, GPS, iPod, and other electronic gadgets when you’re on the go. Hiking, biking, or whenever you find yourself far from any wall socket there are eco-friendly solar portable power that will give […]

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1.470kW Grid-tiee Solar Power System Pre-packaged Systems

February 21, 2010 Off-Grid Kits

Grid-tie Solar Power kit 1470 Watts With solar power mounting Racks / Array Size STC = 1,470 watt or 1.47 kW (**STC is Standard Test conditions or factory ratings. PTC is PV-USA Solar Panels Test Ratings which are closer to real world conditions. Your unique conditions will affect your system output. )

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Pre-Packaged 810 Watt Solar Off Grid Cabin Solar Kit

February 14, 2010 Off-Grid Kits

All off-grid electrical systems have three things in common: one or more energy sources, energy storage (battery bank), and a power conversion unit (inverter). There are many different sizes and types of each of these components and each is interdependent on the others. Off Grid Solar Kits – Here is one example of a off […]

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Brunton F-SOLRCON Solar Charge Controller 12V Battery Charging Controller

January 31, 2010 Off-grid Solar

A charge controller is a little but extremely important device that is used when charging most batteries but not talked about often because unlike solar panels a charge controller is not sexy. The Brunton solar charge controller for batteries will control the charge and prevent your 10-watt or larger solar panels from overcharging your 12-volt […]

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Off Grid Solar for Vacation Cabin or Mountain Retreat – Off-grid Stand Alone Solar Energy Kits

January 27, 2010 Off-Grid Kits

Off-Grid solar panels kits – Got a fishing cabin off the grid? Large RV with lots of hungry electrical devices? Or maybe you decided to grow a pony tail and beard and live in your cozy cabin in an Iowa hedge ball forest! Whatever your cup of tea, you can then turn off that noisy […]

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1.470 kW Grid-tie Solar Electric Panel Power System Kit

January 10, 2010 grid-tied solar

1.470 kW Grid-tie Solar Electric Power System – Product Features – Seven Kyocera KD210 solar electric residential energy panels and a powerful Solectria inverter combine for an unbeatable solar electric system for your home or business. Power from the sun pours onto the panels and down to the inverter which perfectly syncs your home and […]

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Voltaic Generator Solar Bag

December 7, 2009 grid-tied solar

The Volatic Generator Solar Bag is the first solar bag powerful enough to charge a laptop. This solar laptop charger has high-efficiency cells and includes a battery pack custom designed to efficiently store and convert the electricity generated. It will also charge cell phones and most other hand held electronics.

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