Solar Portable Powered Devices

Solar portable power devices can keep you connected when you’re away from a power source. Imagine being able to charge your cell phone, GPS, iPod, and other electronic gadgets when you’re on the go. Hiking, biking, or whenever you find yourself far from any wall socket there are eco-friendly solar portable power that will give you a true sense of freedom.

Well, that’s exactly what the makers of Brunton had in mind when they created their portable renewable solar portable power battery chargers. Brunton makes products that are about the size of your hand, light-weight and produce electricity from the sun. The Restore can be used to directly power a mobile gadget or stored within the chargers’ own internal batteries for later—to charge a GPS unit during dinner at night by the camp fire, for example.

As the name implies, the Brunton chargers are solar-based and are considered the standard in solar portable power. What makes the Brunton solar portable power chargers unique are their folding lightweight designs. Tested and backed by one of the largest providers of outdoor gear in the world

A green step in the right direction. Renewable energy-based chargers are of limited appeal best for the outdoorsy types who rarely find themselves near any electrical outlets, say. Brunton solar portable power are so-called “hybrids,” meaning they can also get and store power from standard wall sockets or computer USB ports or in many cases from their own built in solar panels. That flexibility makes Brunton solar portable power chargers a bit more practical and can act as a emergency power supply for your cell phone during an electrical blackout or other natural disaster. Have you ever wanted a waterproof, weatherproof, lightweight portable solar charger for small electronics? Whether you’re a backpacker, a survivalist, or just trying to preserve the planet so you can enjoy it outdoors a little longer. New age solar portable power devices can help us to slowly pay off our huge debt to the planet in simple and small eco-installments.