Brunton F-SOLRCON Solar Charge Controller 12V Battery Charging Controller

A charge controller is a little but extremely important device that is used when charging most batteries but not talked about often because unlike solar panels a charge controller is not sexy. The Brunton solar charge controller for batteries will control the charge and prevent your 10-watt or larger solar panels from overcharging your 12-volt battery. Even the best solar panel in the world looses its luster when it overcharges your car, boat or rv battery into a steaming pool of acid and battery melted plastic. If your model of Brunton solar panels doesn’t have built-in overcharge protection, or you just want the peace of mind a battery charge controller offers, then you’ll appreciate the solar battery charge controller.

You can leave your battery connected to your solar power panels for constant charge controller monitoring with the F-Solarcon Brunton charge controller and not have to worry about overcharging your battery with a portable solar panel.
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Brunton charge controller features:
4.2 oz
Cut-out: 14.2V, Cut-in:13V
Prevents overcharging of 12 volt deep cycle batteries
Use with up to 5 SolarFlat 15 units, SolarRolls 14 units, or up to 3 Solaris 25 units
Leave battery connected for constant charge controller monitoring
Use charge controller with 12V solar panes and batteries only
Charge controller designed for continuous charging with 10 watt and larger solar panels
Handles up to 7 amps of array input, 100 watts of solar power
Charge controller maintains battery in fully charged state
Charge light indicates charging
Full battery indication when charging is complete
One-year warranty