Off Grid Solar for Vacation Cabin or Mountain Retreat – Off-grid Stand Alone Solar Energy Kits

Off-Grid solar panels kits – Got a fishing cabin off the grid? Large RV with lots of hungry electrical devices? Or maybe you decided to grow a pony tail and beard and live in your cozy cabin in an Iowa hedge ball forest! Whatever your cup of tea, you can then turn off that noisy smelly generator and run your DC lights and pump with clean quiet off grid solar power. Two Hundred Seventy watts of Kyocera solar panels assure you years of service and reliability for a cabin, off-grid home or campsite.

Off Grid solar energy panels – Here is a kit for a small DC off grid 270 watts solar kit monthly output based on 5 hrs sun a day.

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2 Kyocera KD135GX-LPU 135 watt solar panels module
1 Steca PR Series controller 1515 12/24 15a wLCD Display
Introducing Steca Pr series the latest charging technologies combined with a Steca-AtonIC state of the art charge determination, which has been considerably improved, result in optimal battery maintenance and control of the module electrical output of up to 900 Wp, which can be coupled to it.
1 IronRidge UNI-GR/02A Ground/Roof Mount
Off-Grid solar panels kits – 2 IronRidge XRS WEEB Ground Lug
2 MC4 10 AWG – 30′ cable extension
1 MidNite MNPV-3, 3 Position Combiner Box
2 CBI OBPV-15 15 amp DC Breaker 150 VDC din-rail mounted
2 2/0 – 12″ UL Cable, Battery Interconnect (black)
2 2/0 – 18″ UL Cable, Battery Interconnect (black)
4 UPG UB-GC2 AGM 200 aH 6V Deep Charge Battery
Off-Grid solar panels kits – UPG’s state-of-the-art lead-acid deep cycle battery is a valve-regulated type—sometimes called  “sealed” or “maintenance-free”— which fixes the acid electrolyte in a gel or in an absorptive fiberglass mat. The advantage of this design is that the battery needs no water additions, can be operated in any position, and can be used in close proximity to people and sensitive equipment safely.

Off-Grid solar panels kits – Off Grid or Stand alone solar power energy electricity panels systems for cabines and vacation homes are used when no electricity grid is available. A deep charge battery is needed to ensure the availability of electricity at night or at periods with little bright sunlight. solar power energy Home Systems are often used to cover the electricity needs of a household. Small off grid solar power energy home or cabine systems cover the most basic needs, lights and sometimes TV, small space heaters and and off grid solar electricity for small applicances.

Off-Grid solar panels kits – Larger off grid solar panel systems can also power a water pump, wireless phone, refrigerator, electric tools and portable electrical equipment. The solar power energy home or cabine panels kits consists of a solar power energy panels, a control unit, deep charge battery storage, solar power electric cables, the electric load and a support structure all available in one dyi solar panel kit.

Off-Grid solar panels kits – Applications for off-grid solar power energy home panel and deep charge battery systems: cabin, cottage, vacation rental, mountain retreat ski chalet, vacation rentals cabins, vacation chalets, and cottages, cabins, fishing cabins, vacation cabin or off grid home, cottage, Chalet, hunting lodge, vacation resort, beach house and cabin rentals. There are many more off grid solar panel kits available contact us. Blue Pacific Solar offers the cheapest quality off grid stand alone solar power energy panels products, home solar system, off grid solar kits available.