1.470kW Grid-tiee Solar Power System Pre-packaged Systems

Grid-tie Solar Power kit 1470 Watts With solar power mounting Racks / Array Size STC = 1,470 watt or 1.47 kW (**STC is Standard

Test conditions or factory ratings. PTC is PV-USA Solar Panels Test Ratings which are closer to real world conditions. Your unique conditions will affect your system output. )

Grid Tie Solar Panels Kit – Seven Kyocera KD210 solar panels and a powerful Solectria solar inverter combine for an unbeatable solar electric system for your home or commercial business. Power from the sun pours onto the solar panels and down to the inverter which perfectly syncs your home and grid power needs. Feeding your household electrical needs first, excess power is then fed backwards through your electric meter for a credit from the power company.

The Grid Tie Solar Power System is virtually maintenance-free, and with an expected life of over 30 years, your investment increases in value every time electricity rates go up.

Grid Tie Solar Panels Kit -Kit includes:

7 Kyocera KD210GX-LPU 210-Watt Polycrystalline Module, High Efficiency, Deep Blue Solar Module

1 Solectria PVI1800-240 VAC Grid tie Inverter, 1,800 watts – The Solectria PVI 1800 inverter is designed for rigorous use and is tested for the harshest conditions. The PVI 1800 by Solectria is consistently reliable. The solar PVI 1800 can be installed easily, quickly, both indoors and outdoors. Weighing 34.2 lbs (compared to an average 70 lbs for a typical inverter) the PVI 1800 is very easy to handle. It also includes ‘pre-wired’ AC and DC cables for quick wiring at the jobsite without opening the inverter. With LCD display and auto detect RS232/485 as standard equipment, Solectria offers true “plug and play” capability.

This gives the PVI 1800 a PC interface with excellent monitoring and data acquisition capability. Free PC software and optional SolrenView or Fat Spaniel web-based monitoring.  Also compatible with Draker and other similar data monitoring packages.

Grid Tie Solar Panels Kit -2 MC4 10 AWG – 100′ Cable Extension

1 Square D 30 amp DU221RB 250V AC Disconnect NEMA 3RSquare-D240V and 600V NEMA 3R Safety Switch Disconnects. According to the National Electric Code, section 690.15, PV arrays must have a disconnecting means to isolate the inverter from the PV power source. Utility grid-tie inverters that utilixe PV solar panels arrays with voltages above 250VDC require a disconnect rated for 600VDC to perform this function. The Square-D 600VDC 30-amp 3-pole safety switches are UL Listed to handle 12A a 600 VDC per pole. They can be used for disconnecting up to three PV arrays for three grid-tie inverters.

 Grid Tie Solar Panels Electric Power – It has wiring lugs that are rated to accept two #14 to #10 wires in each lug. This allows the disconnect switch to also act as a string combiner in systems that utilize two strings of PV modules per inverter. The 600VDC 60-amp 3-pole safety switches are UL Listed to handle 38A at 600VDC per pole. All other Square-D 600 VDC disconnects are rated for disconnecting one string at full rated power.

Grid Tie Solar Power Panels California utilities require an AC disconnect between a grid-tie inverter and the AC load center, close to the AC service entrance, with a visible and lockable handle. A 30-amp 240-volt disconnect is good for up to 5kW at 240VAC and the 60-amp disconnect is good for up to 11kW. For connection of multiple inverters to one of these disconnects, use an AC load center, with a circuit breaker for each inverter installed, as an AC combiner box between the inverters and the disconnect switch. The breakers can be back-fed with the inverter outputs and the load center main lugs

Grid Tie Solar Panels Kit -1 Square D 30 amp HU361RB 600 VDC unfused disconnect – This is the disconnect that is recommended by SMA (Sunnyboy) solar inverters for use with their grid tie solar inverters. It is rated at 600 volts DC, and 30 amps. The DC input of up to two sub-array can be connected to the HU361RB and it is outdoor rated so it can be located close to the panels.

Grid Tie Solar Panels Kit -1 LA302 DC Lightning Arrestor for DC Systems – Delta lightning arrestors have a maximum current rating of 60 AC,000 amps and 2,000 joules per line. Response time is 25 ns to clamp 50,000amps. Mounts easily in a 1/2” knockout.

Solar Panels Kits – Install the DC version for surge protection on wires coming from a PV array, DC wind generator or DC hydroelectric turbine. Use the 600VDC unit for high-voltage grid-tie PV arrays. Lightning protection can be installed in a combiner box, DC load center or grid-tie inverter.

Grid Tie Solar Panels Kit -1 LA302R Lightning Arrestor for 120/240v AC – The AC versions can be mounted in your AC load center to protect 120/240VAC equipment and on wiring running outside of the building, to generators, pumps or outbuildings. All units are waterproof.

2 1/2″ Strain Relief for #10 or #12 wire
1 WSS Select System Wiring Diagram
2 IronRidge Rail, XRS 1 at 144″ (12 Feet) Anodized
2 IronRidge Rail, XRS 1 at 168″ (14 Feet) Anodized
2 IronRidge Kit, Splice XRS
4 IronRidge Kit, XRS L Feet (4) Set
3 IronRidge XRS Kit, Mid Clamp Black “F,G” 2.5″ (4)
1 IronRidge XRS Kit, End Clamp Black “F” 1.81″ (4) Set
1 Solectria PVI1800-2500W 10 yr warranty – 5 yr added
7 IronRidge WEEB Grounding Clip
2 IronRidge XRS WEEB Ground Lug
2 IronRidge XRS WEEB Jumper

Grid Tie Solar Panels, Sacramento solar panels installed home or commercial energy Kit -About $7,000 Kit qualifies for 30% tax credit. Solar Panels ship with certification stamp imprinted on the back of the panels.