Commercial Solar Installations

Can Wind Power Work for You

April 16, 2015 Commercial Solar Installations

Can Wind Power Work for You?  To be successful, wind turbines need wind. So if you live in a built up area, or trees or mountains surround you, any wind turbine you install is unlikely to generate much in the way of energy. Unless you live in the middle of an existing wind farm, the […]

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solar power kits

Outback GS8048-2CC Radian Power Center 8,000 Watts of Pure Solar Electricity

April 15, 2012 Backup Power Systems

Outback Power Centers are a complete power, pre-wired, DC battery to AC system grid-interactive system. 8,000 watts (8 kW) of continuous power at 48 Vdc. Outback inverters can provide home emergency backup power as well as grid interactive energy so you can sell power back to the utility grid or have a complete standalone off-grid […]

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california solar installations

California Soars to New Home Solar Installers High, Record Installs

July 6, 2011 Backup Power Systems

California solar installers set a state record in 2010 by installing more home generating capacity than in any other year in the state’s history, according to the California Public Utilities Commission. The state is on pace for another record-setting year of solar installations this year, according to a CPUC report issued Tuesday, which provides an […]

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Google Invests Big Into California Solar Tower of Power

April 13, 2011 Commercial Solar Installations

Google has once again gotten its green on by investing $168 million dollars in what will soon be the world’s largest solar power tower plant to be installed in California. Solar installers are busy erecting a tower and arrays similar to Seville Spain located on 3,600 acres of land in the Mojave Desert in southeastern […]

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solar employment

Jobs – Getting Into Solar Wind or Thermal Energy Industry

March 14, 2011 Commercial Solar Installations

The solar industry is the new high demand jobs engine that is going to drive this country back into low unemployment numbers. Boots on the Roof is America’s premier school for solar, wind and solar thermal training. At this school you will receive hands-on education that includes classroom and lab work where you will actually […]

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solar plans

Home Solar System Kits Permit Requirements

March 9, 2011 Backup Power Systems

Homeowners installing their own solar panel kits are becoming a common occurrence across America. Complete solar installation kits are readily available as pre-packaged solar shipped to a home ready to install which can save a significant amount of money. If you have some basic home repair skills you can usually install the majority of the […]

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green jobs

Wanted Individuales Interested Green Jobs To Help Amercian Go Solar

February 19, 2011 Commercial Solar Installations

Solar and wind energy is going restart the American job machine over the next 10 years. It’s that simple. You can either get on the board or get left on shore. A recent report from Next 10 and Collaborative Economics finds solar, wind and the green job sector is growing at a rate three times […]

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solar economy

Returning to the sun. Solar is the solution to a country in crisis.

January 22, 2011 Commercial Solar Installations

While driving home yesterday from a residential solar sun site survey, I was listening to a news report on the growing trade deficit in America. What you do not hear when the news media talks about the trade deficit is that 1/2 of this country’s trade deficit comes from energy imports. Why don’t you hear that […]

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Solar Tradable Renewable Energy Credits Slowly Replacing PV Incentives

January 15, 2011 Commercial Solar Installations

As California solar incentives dwindle and fade new benefits and incentives are emerging from good old enterprising American ingenuity. This is the way it is suppose to work, government opening the door for new technology and markets and private enterprise taking over.

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Financing Shortage Holding American Solar Power Back

October 18, 2010 Commercial Solar Installations

A report issued by the Solar Energy Industries Association estimated America could add as much as 1.13 gigawatts of solar installation this year but a shortage of money is holding back solar projects. If that were true, that would mean American solar installations have risen as much as 150% from a year ago. One gigawatt […]

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