Can Wind Power Work for You

Can Wind Power Work for You?  To be successful, wind turbines need wind. So if you live in a built up area, or trees or mountains surround you, any wind turbine you install is unlikely to generate much in the way of energy. Unless you live in the middle of an existing wind farm, the best way to determine whether your area is likely to be suitable for wind power is to use a wind gauge for a few months so you can monitor the average wind speed. You also need to be able to connect your wind turbine to the grid if you want to take advantage of feed-in tariffs. Assuming you live in a windy, exposed site away from other buildings, trees, and other barriers, the best way to maximise your electricity generation is to mount your wind turbine as high as possible. Mast mounted wind turbines are often a much better bet, as the turbine will be higher than the roof. Government Feed-In Tariffs  As with solar panels, anyone who has a domestic wind turbine installed can look forward to payment for every KW of electricity they generate. The amount you can earn is dependent on how much electricity you are able to generate. This also applies to any surplus electricity you sell back to the National Grid. However, any money you do earn is tax-free and the electricity you generate will help reduce your energy bill from your regular supplier. Installation Issues .   Domestic wind turbines don’t normally need planning permission as long as certain guidelines are followed. .   The closer to the house your wind turbine is, the cheaper the cost of installation (the cable used to connect a wind turbine to a property and to the grid is expensive, so using less will save you money). .   Wind turbines can be noisy, which could be a problem if you or your neighbours are sensitive to noise. .   Wind turbines require a service every few years. Wind turbine installations are rarely feasible in urban locations, but if you happen to live on the side of an exposed hillside or near the coast, having a mast mounted wind turbine built could save you a sizeable chunk of cash on your electric bill. Wind turbines are not pretty, but given that the UK is the windiest place in Europe, why not harness nature’s power and make it work for you?