Jobs – Getting Into Solar Wind or Thermal Energy Industry

The solar industry is the new high demand jobs engine that is going to drive this country back into low unemployment numbers. Boots on the Roof is America’s premier school for solar, wind and solar thermal training. At this school you will receive hands-on education that includes classroom and lab work where you will actually design and build a residential solar system.

Boots on the Roof is a long established solar training school with multiple campus locations throughout the US. If you ever thought about switching careers, the time is right to move into the solar or wind energy industry. Boots on the Roof has schooling available for solar installers as well as solar sales and other renewable energy courses.

On the premises of the current energy crisis, and with the traditional energy sources rapidly diminishing, there is a significant shift in focus towards solar and wind energy. The way things are going, in coming years renewable energy will play a crucial role in all fields of industry, and the change in energy practices throughout the US will require massive personnel resources according to an article in PR. In the near future, there will be a great need for trained workers to complete this monumental task in every area of solar, wind and solar thermal energy.

At present, the solar energy industry is faced with a serious imbalance with more work than workers while the demand for experienced and qualified personnel is on the rise, the supply of trained professionals is very scarce. However, for individuals contemplating a career in the field, now is the perfect time to act.

Attending an exhaustive course in solar energy is the fastest way to obtain Solar Certification and to break into the Solar Energy industry on the right foot. Boots on the Roof a growing Solar Training Institute in California offers the ideal training program for students seeking successful careers in the Solar Energy field.

About Boots on the Roof

Boots on the Roof is a reputed solar training school specializing in training Career changers, entrepreneurs and construction professionals on how to make the renewable solar energy business their business. Using an engaging mix of classroom instruction and realistic hands-on lab exercises, Boots on the Roof’s popular Master Certificate in Renewable Energy teaches not just design and installation, but also the financial, sales and marketing aspects of solar, wind and renewable energy.

All programs are taught by experts in the solar and wind energy fields. Boots on the Roof offers courses in Solar Photovoltaic, Solar Thermal, Commercial Solar and Wind Energy at their campuses in Fremont, California, Los Angeles, CA and Newark, NJ, with more locations to open soon. Solar employment is good for local communities as well as the nation.