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Pre-Packaged 810 Watt Solar Off Grid Cabin Solar Kit

February 14, 2010 Off-Grid Kits

All off-grid electrical systems have three things in common: one or more energy sources, energy storage (battery bank), and a power conversion unit (inverter). There are many different sizes and types of each of these components and each is interdependent on the others. Off Grid Solar Kits – Here is one example of a off […]

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Brunton F-SOLRCON Solar Charge Controller 12V Battery Charging Controller

January 31, 2010 Off-grid Solar

A charge controller is a little but extremely important device that is used when charging most batteries but not talked about often because unlike solar panels a charge controller is not sexy. The Brunton solar charge controller for batteries will control the charge and prevent your 10-watt or larger solar panels from overcharging your 12-volt […]

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Off Grid Solar for Vacation Cabin or Mountain Retreat – Off-grid Stand Alone Solar Energy Kits

January 27, 2010 Off-Grid Kits

Off-Grid solar panels kits – Got a fishing cabin off the grid? Large RV with lots of hungry electrical devices? Or maybe you decided to grow a pony tail and beard and live in your cozy cabin in an Iowa hedge ball forest! Whatever your cup of tea, you can then turn off that noisy […]

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