Solar Installation Jobs in San Jose and Sacramento California take a big step forward.

San Jose Solar News – Suns Up Solar, already a leading solar installer in Santa Cruz California, has taken a bold step toward capturing more of the San Jose California solar installers market.

Despite a weak economy, U.S. solar power companies increased their revenue by 36 percent and added 17,000 jobs last year. A significant reason for these solar installation related job gains was the grants and tax breaks included in the economic stimulus bill.

A Santa Cruz based solar panel installation company, Suns Up Solar, is rolling out new aggressive solar installation expansion programs and plans to target major markets like the one in San Jose California that will increase sale and create new jobs. Suns Up Solar uses a business model that is focused on a  straight forward sales approach that will be the spearhead of the solar installation marketing program in the San Jose bay area as well as Sacramento. Suns Up Solar, headquartered in Santa Cruz California, has a stellar record of achievement with a proud 23 year histoy of providing quality electrical service to thousands of California customers.

The expanded solar installation programs for San Jose and Sacramento has been in the works for about a year. Suns Up Solar hopes to have significantlly increased it Sacramento solar panels installation sales as well as solar installation sales in the San Jose bay area by the end of the year.There are no large-scale solar installers in California with multiple locations or a significant market share. Suns Up Solar hopes to change that trend starting in San Jose as well as in Sacramento and expanding to other California solar installation markets.

In a recent article by Rona Fried, Ph.D. published in Sustainable Business News says;

As exciting as the rise of solar energy is in its ability to provide the world with clean electricity, equally as compelling is the industry’s ability to create well paying, life enhancing jobs.

Several studies come to same conclusion: solar – and renewable energy jobs in general – are much more impressive job creators than the fossil fuel industry, creating 10 times the jobs.

A widely quoted University of California (UC) report concludes we can expect 86,370 new energy jobs in the U.S. by 2020 if we continue with our current energy mix. But if 20 percent of our energy were to come from renewable sources, then 188,000 to 240,850 jobs could be created, depending on the proportion of wind, solar and biomass energy. The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy estimates that 1.1 million California solar installation and manufacturing jobs could be created in the next 10 years through investments in energy efficiency technology.

Solar photovoltaics (PV) creates more jobs per megawatt of capacity than any other energy technology – 20 manufacturing and 13 installation/maintenance jobs per installed megawatt, according to the UC report. The New Jersey Public Interest Research Group reports that if only 10 percent of the homes in the mid-atlantic states used some solar power, 25,390 jobs would be created, with a payroll of $364 million by 2014.

Another study, “The Job Creation Potential of Solar and Conservation: A Critical Evaluation,” concludes that solar PV creates 55-80 times as many direct jobs as natural gas, and solar heating creates 2-8 times more direct jobs than conventional power plants.

And solar offers high paying manufacturing and installation jobs as well as jobs for highly skilled people such as engineers and managers, often in areas of the country struggling with higher unemployment.

Better still, solar jobs contribute to the local economy – PV companies site manufacturing facilities near thriving markets. States with strong solar programs like California are a magnet for PV companies, which not only contribute directly to the state’s economy, but also make them net exporters; the companies export at least half the panels produced in-state.

Author of the UC report Daniel Kammen, head of UC Berkeley’s Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory says, “Investing in clean energy technologies would both reduce our trade deficit and reestablish the U.S. as a leader in energy technology, the largest global industry today.”

Solar power is the one of the cleanest and greenest forms of energy on the planet. It is versatile, advanced and ultimately reliable. Solar power uses Photovoltaic solar panels that turns sun light into electricity. This solar energy generated from the solar panels can then be used to power your home, business or school. Solar, installed by a certified licensed California solar installation company, or solar kits purchased from a main stream solar companies is a fantastic way to reduce your carbon footprint, promote renewable energy and save money on your electricity bill.

Suns Up Solar said it would concentrate on commercial solar installation as well as residential solar roof panels to create green jobs helping home and commercial business owners “go solar California”.