SunWise 115 Watt RV Solar Power Kit

RV Solar Power Kit could be the answer to your RV electrical requirements. There are now millions of people who choose to use solar power to supply their electricity for their homes, and now many people  are fitting a RV solar power kit to their RV’s. Charge your batteries while enjoying the peaceful tranquility of a remote campsite or power up at a tailgate party. SunWize solar panels makes one of the best RV solar kits on the market today. SunWize RV Solar Power Systems are designed for the most rugged climates and can withstand the summer desert heat and winter hail and still produce power day in and day out; year in and year out.

A significant advantage to fitting a RV Sunwize solar power kit on your RV is freedom from the grid. A good example is, do you and your family travel in your RV at any opportunity that presents itself? Do you also get frustrated because you have to park in certain places in order to hook up to their electrical supply. All you have to do to get around this is fit a RV solar power kit and then you’ll be self-sufficient and be able to park wherever you want. You will be able to produce as much electricity as you want by fitting an RV solar power kit.

The initial costs of a good RV solar kit can be pricey, but compared to the freedom from electrical hookups it is well worth the expense.

SunWize RV Solar Power Systems Kit comes with

  • 115 watt high-efficiency solar panel
  • digital regulator
  • tilting RV solar mount
  • solar cable
  • all necessary hardware
  • installation guide
  • owner’s manual