SolaRover, American Mobile Solar Emergency Generator Power System

SolaRover Emergency Mobile Power Generator – SolarRover Mobile Solar Power – If you have a unique power need that is off grid, and you want something that can deploy quickly, is rugged, and will last for a long time, take a look at this beauty.  The SolaRover provide pure, consistent electricity for all types of commercial, industrial and emergency applications. Can be deployed in 10 min by one person. The SolaRover is engineered with leading-edge components, rugged steel construction and a variety of practical options.

Easy, Rapid Deployment –
Standard towing hitch; no special permits required. One-person set-up; just minutes to plug ‘n power.

Reliable and Rugged
Premium, warrantied UL and IEC certified solar components
24×7 power option
As low as 30% sunlight yields 60% charge
Ruggedness for harsh terrain and severe weather conditions

SolaRover offers a wide variety of
customization options:
• 2.5 and 6 KW Solar Panel Array
• 31 kW Hours of battery storage
• 2 MPPT Inverters capable of 7.2kW of power output
• 120 / 240 / 480 outlets
• Hybrid Backup system
• Security cam, flood lights
• Secure storage for electronic equipment and tools
• Work center with desk, outlets and canopy

SolaRover makes sense… Find out if SolaRover makes sense for you. Get a solar vs. diesel ROI assessment tailored to your needs. Request your ROI report…

Fossil-fuel based electricity production causes more damage to the environment than any other single human activity. SolaRover mobile solar emergency generators is the leader in the field of transportable solar power industrial and goverment portable generators. These units are reliable, clean, quiet, and economical. Thanks to many recent advancements in the solar industry, solar generators can now do the work that diesel, gasoline, and propane generators used to do. Fossil-fuel generators can still be used in conjunction with solar generators, but now their role is reserved for periodic charging and maintenance.

Government, emergency, industrial, SolaRover mobile solar emergency generators can our solar generators to fit your needs. They are easy to tow and set up, and they provide a durable, attractive solution to the remote electrical power problem. All of our generators supply pure sine-wave current with battery power for use at night that is more consistent than that of your utility. On top of this, they don’t run out of gas, require oil changes or make any noise. And since the solar generators are not attached to the ground, they require no permits or inspections nor will it increase your property taxes. Whether you’re providing remote emergency power for a California fire or powering a remote cabin, you don’t have to settle for a noisy, smelly generator that relies on increasingly expensive fossil fuels as a power sources.

Solar power is cleaner, quieter and more sustainable. But is it affordable? SolaRover offers a compelling case against diesel when you consider the long-term costs: the capital expenditure for a SolaRover™ Mobile Solar Power System remains fixed, while ongoing incremental costs for the fuel and maintenance required by fossil fuel powered mechanical generators continue to accrue. Request a solar vs. diesel ROI assessment tailored to the needs of your business. SolaRover delivers… Noiseless, fume-less, no emissions, zero maintenance, the ideal Mobile Solar Power System to meet your needs. Every system is custom configured with selected options, in addition to the standard features.

Under the federal stimulus package, solar energy incentives are front and center and very attractive. The rules have changed to give solar customers an excellent financial advantage – even in this economy. You will receive and immediate grant of 30% once you have purchased a unit. The stimulus has also made available “bonus” depreciation of 50% in the first year and only half of the grant needs to be applied to the capital base on which you calculate depreciation. To summarize, these incentives reduce the overall cost of a SolaRover by 40-45%.