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Solar products everyone should own. Ever get stuck somewhere and you discover your batteries are dead? Everlite reliable EL8 solar headlamp provides 40 lumens of bright white LED light for up to 12 hours in bright mode. LED running times are about 24 hours in medium mode and 36 hours in the low mode. The 2″x5″ solar panel is used for recharging the lithium battery in the headlamp.

With the solar headlamp, you don’t ever have to worry about your headlamp having dead batteries ever again. Simply plug the solar panel into the DC Jack located on the headlamp to completely recharge it in 6 hours of full sunlight. The solar headlamp panel has holes and strap slots so it can be conveniently attached to your backpack, tent, or clothing. The EL8 Solar Headlamp also has a battery charge indicator light (green-yellow-red) that tells you about how much charge remains in the lithium battery.

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