Schools Everywhere Are Investing In Solar. Green, Solar and Education is the Right Path for a Sustainable Future in America

California Solar News – Colleges everywhere are stepping up to the solar technology revolution that is occurring in this country. Ensuring the success of photovoltaic and the power of energy independence is evident from such prestigious schools such as Harvard and many bay area high schools. Every small or large scale solar project brightens our future for our children and creates jobs and success for you. Think globally and act locally… darn right America! Read More

Colleges Investing Heavily in Solar
Renewable Energy World by Steven Lacey

California sustainability and green energy is an important selling point for colleges and universities. Students are not only demanding educational programs around renewable energy, they’re encouraging their own institutions to “walk the walk,” and install systems on campus.

A number of colleges around North America have installed large solar PV or solar thermal systems. But Butte College in Northern California claims it will be the first to be “net energy positive” when it finally develops a 2.7 megawatts PV system next year. The PV project is an addition to a 1.85 megawatt system already on campus. That will bring the system total to 4.5 MW of capacity.

If the system generates the 6.4 million kWh a year that is expected, Butte College will generate more power than it consumes, and will therefore sell electricity back to the grid.

College officials credit the student body for actively pushing the college to develop the system. The project will cost about $17 million to build, with around $13 million coming from a federal clean energy bond program known as CREBS.

Solar is popping up on more private and public schools around the America. Jonathan Postal, the CEO of Mainstreet Renewable Power, a company that focuses on this particular sector, talks about the drivers behind the solar-on-schools trend.