Local Santa Cruz Solar Companies Develop Innovative Financing

Santa Cruz Solar News – Many homeowners in surf city are interested in utilizing solar renewable energy panels, but the upfront costs of solar installations is often prohibitive. Lowering their Santa Cruz PG&E bills by installing solar with tax incentives and federal rebates generally provide a high rate of return on their solar home investment.

Some Santa Cruz solar companies have developed innovative business models aimed at solving this issue for Santa Cruz homeowners. SunsUp Solar, a Santa Cruz based solar provider of residential solar electricity, is one such company. SunsUp Solar has partnered with Reel Green California Finance to provide Santa Cruz homeowners affordable solar financing and residential solar leases. SunsUp Solar has come up with competitive, and effective solar home finance solutions to residential home owners in the Santa Cruz area in order for them to purchase and utilize the benefits of solar technology.

Unlike home solar leases that some companies are providing, when a Santa Cruz homeowner secures their own financing, the household receives all the tax benefits and solar incentives. Purchasing your own Santa Cruz solar system instead of leasing allows the homeowner to receive all the stable and lower cost electricity for life, and they do not lose the valuable financial benefits, like tax credits.

SunsUp Solar was co-founded by longtime Santa Cruz businessmen Peter Putt and Ian Coggins. Peter and Ian felt they wanted to bring a “NO Bull” approach to solar installations in the Santa Cruz local community. Quality solar installations by local Santa Cruz solar installers were something the Surf City area apparently needed. The success that SunsUp Solar has enjoyed is spreading to new locations and with expands territories.

SunsUp Solar has partnered with Blue Pacific Solar based in Sacramento California to install affordable solar systems throughout Northern California. The Santa Cruz solar companies’ customer base has already increased by over 300% this year alone.

Santa Cruz solar companies providing local affordable solar power will keep the money being spent into the local community. When you are searching for a solar company for your Santa Cruz home, consider hiring a local company that has a vested interest in your long term happiness. Hire local Santa Cruz solar installers and keep your dollars in your community.