Sacramento Solar Installers Providing Solar To Homes & Commercial Businesses

Sacramento Solar Installers is synonymous with energy, sustainability, growth and life. Smart sunwize homeowners in Northern California are finding that residential solar panels provide a financially sound way for them to take control of their rising electricity bills. By installing solar energy in Sacramento, you are contributing to the nation’s energy independence and help minimize the impact on our environment. Sacramento solar installers home solar panel installation provides maintenance-free electricity for decades to come. Families can purchase a Schüco solar energy solution direct from a Schüco prime dealer with the confidence that they are investing in the highest quality solar equipment from Schüco factory trained solar professionals.

Recent reductions in the costs of solar panel installations, combined with available federal energy tax credit discounts and local incentives, have created a lucrative opportunity for savvy business owners and government agencies to save thousands on future electricity expenditures. With a wide range of commercial-scale solar offerings, we are one Sacramento solar installer will work with you to customize your solar installation and fine a solution to ensure years of reliable electricity production, allowing you the benefits of the assurance of knowing you have control over the escalating costs of electricity.

Northern California is one of the best areas for solar power for two reasons: abundant sun and great rebates and federal tax credits. When it come to Sacramento solar panels installers, Blue Pacific Solar is the local solar power expert in Sacramento! Blue Pacific Solar is part of the Suns Up Solar network of quality solar providers providing total solar PV and Solar Thermal solutions in the field of solar energy systems.

Our distinguishing strength lies in our solar partners 23 years experience as a licensed C-10 electrical and B general contracting license. For you as a customer, Sacramento solar installers means: top quality, successful solutions, maximum return on investment and lasting services.

Solar panel installation by California licensed electrical contractors is important for both safety and long term. Performance of your solar power installation; Whether your solar panels are for your home or commercial installation, and will be connected to the grid through net metering, or completely off the grid, employing local Sacramento solar panel installation experts will ensure your satisfaction and provide for quick follow-up and maintenance.

Sacramento Solar Installation – Management Process; Personal approach to solar installation in Sacramento: Question Sacramento Solar Installers: How does solar energy work?

We all understand that when the sun shines solar sunpower warms whatever surface it comes in contact with. Therefore when the sun shines on the solar cells on solar panel, the solar cells absorb the energy that is released. Simple silicon sell release their positive charged electrons and if there is a electrical pathway, the electrical power then flows in one direction (DC current) producing.

Question about Sacramento Solar Installers: What are the advantages and disadvantages of installing solar power for your home or commercial solar business?

One of the most obvious advantages of solar power installation is money, the money you would save by essentially creating your own electricity. Most solar systems that Sacramento solar installers design create positive household or commercial business cash flow from the first few months it is installed.

Question Sacramento Solar Installers: What are the pros and cons of solar power?

Some pros of solar power are positive cash flow, higher return on investment than the S&P500 and your home increases in value without the tax burden because it is a law in California that when you install Solar on your home, the property value cannot increase. The environmental factors and we wouldn’t have to rely on other countries for oil as much or deplete our natural resources as much. That is because solar energy can replace our dependency on foreign oil. The most obvious disadvantage of solar energy is that is is initially expensive and can take up to 10 years to pay off the initial investment. However, keep in mind that the solar panels are guaranteed to produce up to 80% of their power for 25 years.

Question Sacramento Solar Installers: How much does it cost to install solar power for a home or commercial business?

Depending on the size of the home or commercial business and the kilowatt system that is needed, it can cost anywhere from $7,500 and up to install solar in Sacramento. It is important to understand that it is the solar set-up and the materials themselves that cost money, actually running the system is nearly free, and can actually earn you money. There are also solar tax incentives and rebates that can reduce the initial cost of Sacramento solar installers.

Question Sacramento Solar Installers: Are there any tax breaks for installing solar power in my home or business?

Yes, you can receive a 30% tax credit of the costs at installation. The $2,000 cap on the 30% federal tax credit for solar water heating systems has been removed. Solar water heating systems, other than those for pools or spas, are now eligible for a full 30% tax credit against the systems cost.

Question Sacramento Solar Installers: Can you get paid back by your utility company for having an abundance of solar power for your home?

Many cities and states have incentives of all sorts for the use of solar panels and solar energy. In some states there are laws that require your utility company to buy back any unused solar energy. To find out about your area, you can visit the “Helpful Links”. There is a plethora of solar information at the end of that link.

Question Sacramento Solar Installers: Do solar panels work at night or if it’s cloudy?

The solar output power will be reduced. If you are relying on your solar panels alone and don’t have other sources of power this can be an issue. You would need to have a battery for backup, this would also occur at night. This way during the day, the solar panels soak up the energy and then the battery would store it for use at night or during a cloudy day.

Question Sacramento Solar Installers: How do I get more information about solar power?

Switching to solar power and letting our Sacramento solar installers install the solar system is a sunwise and positive decision both financially and environmentally. Schüco is a globally operating solar manufacturing company with an entrepreneurial culture dedicated to personalized service for Sacramento solar installations.  We have a team of specialists trained and certified in the field of solar technology, ready to provide you with personalized customer oriented design, and serve before and after the installation in your Sacramento home or commercial business.

We see opportunity in every solar value chain and are anxious to show you the benefits of how we can save you money and reduce the costs of increasing the kilowatt of your solar panel install.