Reasons to Go Solar, Solar Information, Solar Costs, Solar Laws

Peace of mind and security knowing that you are producing your own safe, renewable energy. Here are 18 reasons to go solar. If you would like to know the details, click Here… Reasons Go Solar (Click Here for more reasons or information).
1. Solar is reliable.
2. Solar is durable, dependable and secure electricity
3. Ecologically Sound. Environmentally Prudent
4. Improves Public Health
5. Solar investment has an attractive ROI. (Return On Investment)
6. Solar has little to no maintenance
7. No cost to operate.
8. No sound pollution.
9. Solar gives you extreme design flexibility and accommodation.
10. Solar is safe.
11. Solar provides personal independence
12. Solar strengthens Americas national security
13. Solar creates new high paying jobs that cannot be exported.
14. Performs well in all altitudes, environments and latitudes
15. U.S. Energy Independence
16. Solar rights and laws are in your favor. IE; No new property tax. Income tax deductions available.
17. Be an Example To Your Neighbors and your Community
18. Home Value Increases

Reasons to Go Solar – Residential solar energy products and home solar systems are helping the environment on a local level and are becoming more and more accessible. As solar power technology improves efficiency, prices become less prohibitive. Federal Tax Credits, extended through 2017. The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, contains renewable energy legislation which is great news for our solar customers. Not only was the 30% commercial solar investment tax credit extended through 2017, but the same tax credit was also extended to residential installations.

Reasons to Go Solar – Under this legislation the previous $2,000 cap for residential solar installations was eliminated. This means that, as of January 1, 2009, the purchase of a residential solar electric system makes you eligible for a tax credit equal to 30% of the Sacramento solar panels cost installed home or commercial energy solar system, including installation. If the federal tax credit exceeds your tax liability, the excess amount may be carried forward to the succeeding taxable year. If you do not earn enough to pay taxes to the U.S. Treasury, you may apply for 30% of the cost of the solar or wind system in the form of a Renewable Energy Grant.

Reasons to Go Solar – It is a fact that over time, investing in solar can “earn” you more money than stocks or bonds. This long-term return on your solar investment is another economic benefit of switching to solar power. Through advances in technology and local government rebates, solar energy is now a smart financial investment. The current solar energy rebate cuts the cost of system by more than half, making it the best time ever to buy solar. Solar energy not only protects you from rising electricity costs, but also increases the overall value of your home.Local, state and federal governments also advance the cause by legislating smarter energy policies. Rebates and tax incentives assist homeowners to make the transition these are all good reasons to go solar NOW!