Adding Pre-built Solar to a Family Farm or Ranch Is a Huge Asset

Solar here in all shapes and sizes and that is an undeniable fact. When George McFarlin and his wife Maria decided to explore way to cut the soaring operating costs of his ranch, George first looked to the sun. George and Maria decided to purchase a pre-built solar module called SunPods a single unit at a time as they could afford them then install the unit themselves.

The 12 250 watt solar panels came by flatbed truck and were dropped in place near their horse barn. George rented a ditch witch to cut the 30″ trench to bury the AC power conduit from his solar module to his barn. The 12 250 watt solar modules are capable of producing 400 kilowatts of grid-tied solar power monthly putting a serious dent in his ranches overhead. George told us that his pre-built solar modules are making a significant contribution to the bottom line of their ranch.

“I expect a lot of folks will start thinking about using pre-built solar power to defray rising electricity costs,” George said. “From everything I can see, it makes all the sense in the world.”

SunPods solar systems are delivered fully-assembled and tested with all of the components required to generate solar electricity. The SunPods Solar Smart Technologies™ design methodology minimizes on-site construction or site preparation and reduces installation time by up to 95 percent.

Fulfillment is easy to convert your farm or ranch to solar power with these pre-manufactured solar modules. Pre-manufactured solar products include on-grid and off-grid solar solutions, EV solar charging and ground mount systems for commercial, government and residential applications. SunPods also delivers specialized solutions for landfills, brownfields and agricultural operations.