Portable Off-grid Solar Kit is a Pip for RV’s

You will have to look hard to find a sweeter off-grid portable solar package than this. The Overland Solar Kit with 4 30 watt solar panels is perfect for RV power or camping. It is also great as a emergency home backup power kit providing you a little extra peace of mind.

All our solar energy consultants were pumped when we checked out the durable and lightweight aluminum tripod frame on the Overland Solar Kit. Finally, a sturdy frame that will support the black monocrystalline 30 watt solar panels making this kit one of the most efficient affordable portable solar products available on the market. Monocrystalline solar with a minimum life expectancy of twenty-five years is thought to be the workhorse of panels in the industry.

Overland Solar Kit is the perfect companion to RV traveling or camping. With the quick clamp system you can securely lock the tripod legs is seconds. Next, using the enclosed Boulder quick clip cam fasteners and then mount to the tripod which both allows connection to the tripod but also adds rigidity to the panel array. The four 30 watt solar panels are then plugged in series producing a total of 120 watts (STC). Next you plug the assembly into the Extreme 350 watt battery pack with inverter. That’s it! You are set up and ready to power up any of your portable gadgets, loving life, kicking back.

When using your solar panel kit or any other products, you should also consider shading. The Boulder 30 watt solar panels are similar to the large solar panels used on homes. Because the monocrystalline solar cells are wired in series, if you shade one panel you can restrict the generation of electricity. If you shade a row, you can knock out the power entirely with what’s commonly called the Christmas tree effect.

While you are RV camping or at the park, a good rule of thumb to optimize your collection of solar energy is to angle the Boulder 30 at about the same latitude where you are using the panel. That means while RV camping in Kentucky, you might want to angle the Overland Solar Kit panels at about 35 degrees tilt and pointed directly true south. A really slick method of making sure your Overland Solar Kit solar panels are at the best position is to take a block of wood, hold it on the face of the panel at solar noon until there is no shadow and you are in. Keep in mind we are currently on daylight savings time so the solar noon is 1:00 PM

The Overland Solar Kit by Goal Zero is the easiest and most dependable portable solar power backup generator on the market. The Solar Kit is not made to power large appliances but provide home emergency lighting, power laptops, cell phones, portable DVD players and other electronic devices. Add a charge controller and you can trickle charge your RV batteries worry free while you attend to more important vacation matters. The portable power kit is entirely plug-n-play. You can set up in minutes, plug in your lights or laptop and with the Overland Solar Kit you are good to go.

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