Nanosolar in San Jose California Making Solar Headlines

San Jose, California News

A San Jose bay area panel company is making headlines with their agressive growth in the field of solar panel production. This company is emerging as a new world player in the field of solar energy panel manufacturing and will be a solar company to watch in the future.

Nanosolar, based in San Jose, California, has developed a solar cell made from copper indium gallium (di) selenide. The semi-conducting materials and nano particles are contained within a ink, devleoped by Nano solar, that makes it possible to print flexible solar cells on rolls of cheap aluminum foil.

Nanosolar is a company that was established in 2002 that designs, engineers, and manufactures solar power that focuses on clean, reusable, and affordable energy. Nanosolar already has a European solar panel assembly factory in Germany automated to produce one panel every ten seconds! Nanosolar announced the production of its thin film solar material at a factory in San Jose, California. That’s just down the street! Nanosolar’s also produces a product-special utility panel that has many advantages for its solar system operations. There are more watts delivered because the solar panels are wired in longer arrays using less cabling, also the whole array is installed in a shorter time. The company proclaims that they have the highest-current thin panel and the first solar photovoltaic module that is certified by TUV for system voltage. (That means it works!)

The San Jose Companies California solar plant currently is manufacturing one million solar cells a month while it ramps up production. Mr. Roscheisen said that while Nanosolar is focusing on making solar panels for power plants, a residential solar product “is in the pipeline.” Now that the solar panel factory in San Jose, California is growing, it’s getting close to the level of production that it needs to make its solar panels. There are going to be plenty of California bay area solar panel installation jobs to look out for. When the factory reaches its level of production, the job market will be booming and everyone will want a job in solar! How amazing will that be?! You can be working in a solar company, like Nanosolar, and help with the environment and economy at the same time. Therefore, Nanosolar is staffing up its facilities rapidly for engineers, machine operators and shift managers. An example of this growth is in Luckenwalde, Germany. These positions will also open up in the U.S soon so make sure to look out for it! Visit their website and see videos and pictures of all their accomplishments!

The progressive direction that Nanosolar is going in is incredible. They have series of solar jobs in San Jose California and internships opened up! Know solar? Interested? Visit SimplyHired and VentureLoop to get more info! Why not join all the success and get started!

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