How We Are Brainwashed Against the Benefits of Solar Power and Renewable Energy

When President Carter put solar on the White House, someone at big oil said, “this could catch on”. Uh-Oh, whoops, Regan promptly and unceremoniousnessly removed it. Does anyone remember the gas lines? Well apparently not, because in-spite of the oil embargo of the 70’s, solar was quickly banished to the woods by greedily serving more oil to the people telling us “all is well now” so lets build bigger SUV’s.

We have all been brainwashed to avoid and look down on solar power, or any renewable energy source for that matter. And I mean all of us, including the most leftist, tree hugging, Greenpeace and Sierra Club loving liberal. How can I make such a bold statement?

After I installed solar on my home, the most common question I get about my solar power installation is some form of: “When will you get your money back from your solar power installation?” And I get this question from absolutely everyone who knows about my solar installation, no matter what their political and social beliefs.

I bought a new pickup truck two months ago. Absolutely NO ONE has asked me when I am going to get my money back from this purchase. I own a number of guitars. Absolutely NO ONE has asked me when I am going to get my money back from those purchases.

Do you get asked when you will get your money back from a new swimming pool, hot tub, iPod, big screen TV, designer clothing and handbags, a turf grass lawn, a vacation to Europe, video games, movie theater and professional sports and concert tickets, eating in a restaurant, Christmas decorations, homeowner’s insurance, etc? Most of what we spend money on will never provide us any financial return. But we expect a financial return on any investment in solar power or any renewable resource.

Many things in life we are allowed to do simply for pleasure. But we are not allowed to install solar pv panels for pleasure. We are considered weird and deviant if we do.

Many things in life we are allowed to do simply to show off our wealth and success. But we are not allowed to install solar power to show that we have “made it.” We are considered weird and wasteful if we do.

Many things in life we are allowed to do simply as insurance, to guard against something bad happening. But we are not allowed to install solar power as insurance. We are considered weird, pessimistic, and unrealistic if we do.

Many things in life we are allowed to do simply because we feel it is the right thing to do. But we are not allowed to install solar power for moral reasons. We are considered weird and preachy if we do.

In fact, there are many things that we would be looked down upon if we admitted we expected a future net financial gain from the investment. For example, we are not supposed to expect a financial gain from a gift, or a charitable donation, or from raising a child.

But apparently the only valid reason for installing solar power, or any other renewable energy source, or any means of saving energy, is because we eventually expect a financial gain from it. And everyone, at least publicly, feels this way, including the most environmentally concerned people. Anyone who installs solar power or any other renewable energy for any other reason than financial gain is believed to be a tree hugger, weird, sick, deviant.

The story of solar has to be the most brilliant and absolutely the most successful example of brainwashing ever! Those opposed to solar and renewable energy have been so thoroughly successful in this effort that I’m sure most everyone reading this article right now is bothered that I would even question financial gain as a primary reason for installing solar power.

The news media and other mass media are the worst promoters of this idea that solar renewable energy is only good if it results in a net financial gain. The mass media likes to pretend they are liberal and open minded and concerned about all of us. But this promotion of the idea that energy saving and producing ideas are only good if we can expect a net financial gain from them shows just how much our mass media is controlled by the oil companies, power companies, and big corporations.

This summer, a busted oil well sitting in the Gulf of Mexico spewed tens of millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf. For several months it went on day after day. Much of the oil was recovered, burned on site or “neutralized” with other chemicals, which can’t be too good for climate change or sea life. This situation is the result of people who do things strictly for net financial gain.

There are other very valid reasons, far more valid reasons than financial gain, for doing things. If you are really concerned about the environment and this planet’s future (and not a poser like most, who “talk the talk” for show but refuse to “walk the walk”), then quit asking this question! Publicly look down on those who do ask about or expect eventual financial gain.

Start promoting solar alternative energy as a status symbol, as sign that you have “made it.” Promote solar as insurance against future disasters. Start promoting solar as the moral thing to do. And truly believe it yourself and practice it yourself, instead of expected others to do it while you live the same as usual.

As this Gulf oil well fiasco shows, there are more important things in life than financial gain. Solar Commentary Contributor: Sid, Stone Marmot.