Home Solar Kits For The Do-It-Yourselfer Coming On Strong

Homeowners who dream of small scale solar panels from kits they can install on the roof themselves, well that day has arrived. Solar kits for the do-it-yourselfer are becoming more and more popular. Several companies are out there with pre-engineered solar kits that simplify home solar installation.

With a hacksaw, a few basic tools, and a couple of trips to Sears, you can install your own home solar system from a kit. (Use a licensed electrician to connect your solar kit to your electrical box.) Solar usually come with the solar kits and do require some study, but it is defiantly doable.

It was once widely thought that the most important component of a solar system was the solar panels. With the advanced technology of the micro inverter, that may no longer be the case. There are several solar micro inverter manufactures entering the market but for now, Enphase is the solar team to beat.

With Micro inverters you do not have to invest in the whole system at once, but can add up to 16 solar panels from a kit as your budget allows. Micro inverters simplify solar kit design and a snap to install. Because each solar panel acts as it own solar system, there are no complicated string calculations necessary. Individual solar panel kits may be installed in any combination of module quantity or orientation with less worry about shading issues. (Shading is bad for solar…)

Schüco solar panels for solar kits are a popular choice because their MPE solar module is distinguished by dark monocrystalline solar cells (that means one type… hence MONO) with high cell efficiencies. Attractive and robust from the solar kit to your home, the black module frame made from torsion-proof, anodized aluminum meets the highest standards in terms of stability and corrosion resistance. A cross bar, in the frame on the back of the solar panel in the kit, increases the load-bearing capacity of the module.

Installing a solar kit on your home is not too complicated and now can be accomplished by a committed homeowner willing to get his or her hands a little dirty. Solar panels ideally would be install on a south facing roof, but east or west will provide nearly as good performance. Ideally, you are going to want to orientate your solar kit panels on your roof so that the solar panels will not be shaded from the sun between 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM.

Solar kits are a cheap way to get into solar making it easy for PV companies fulfillment of home orders. Solar kits are innovative, simple and stylish. Purchasing a solar kit will make you the envy of the neighborhood. If you’re looking for that special gift for your significant other or the guy who shakes his fist at the sky each time he opens his utility bill, consider giving him or her a solar starter kit.