Bay Area Solar Company Growing From Humble Beginnings to Worlds Largest Solar Manufacturer Offering Solar Solutions To Save Energy and Make Energy

San Francisco California East Bay News – From its beginning as a metal fabricator in Bielefeld, Germany, Schüco USA L.P., has grown to be a global leader in solar photovoltaic and thermal hot water from a network of installation dealers. Schuco is one of very few companies worldwide that offers a product portfolio of state-of-the-art systems from one source, ranging from solar electricity and solar heat, including corresponding mounting systems, for private residential construction to solutions for industrial and commercial building to complete ground-mounted systems. In addition to technological know-how, the company offers comprehensive engineering consulting services during the conception and execution phases of residential and commercial solar installers construction projects.

The motto of Schüco is “Generating Clean Energy. Now!” As a company that is now active in more than 75 countries worldwide and whose solar products find application in private residential construction as well as industrial and commercial building, Schüco is aware of its responsibility for protecting the environment. With its environmentally friendly solar solutions, already today the company is making a major contribution to climate protection. “It’s time to act, to save energy and generate energy with solar,” says Dirk U. Hindrichs, President and CEO of Schüco International KG. With this purpose in mind, innovations that the company offering from authorized bay area Northern California solar dealers from its branch in the East bay of San Francisco are varied and innovative. Read More.

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The quality and performance of Schuco’s solar products are second to none. They make sure of it at Schuco’s Solar Technology Center, one of the best equipped facilities in the world and Europe’s largest privately-owned building

Schuco 210 Watt Solar Module

Schuco 210 Watt Solar Module

materials test center. Schuco tests their systems under simulations of vicious hail, torrential rain, high winds, and anything else the weather can dish out. Simply put, when you install one of Schuco’s solar systems, they stand behind what they make.

To eliminate guesswork, each of Schuco solar module is flash-tested and the actual test data is marked on the packaging. Schuco solar modules has a 5-year extended parts and labor warranty. In fact the warranty on output values is considerably longer, Schuco stands behind them with a 25-year performance guarantee for crystalline solar panels and a 20-year warranty for thin-film solar panels.

Solar Mounting Systems – the foundation of every Solar System

With a five year integrity warranty on all Schuco corporation solar mounting components for Solar Thermal and Solar Photovoltaic and even a 10 year integrity warranty if the mounting components are used as a part of a thermal or PV package, quality is a proven fact. With more than 50 years experience in aluminium and steel components fur building facades, doors and windows, Schuco utilizes this knowledge and experience in every single part of their solar mounting system

Thin-film solar technology for the best-possible outputs

The thin-film solar technology that Schüco manufactures achieves the best-possible annual outputs with a positive output tolerance. Thanks to an intelligent solar mounting system, Schüco’s new MPE solar thin-film modules in the AL 01 series meet nearly every construction requirement, including building-integrated demands, from small installations to private single-family homes to large-scale industrial roof projects.

The modules combine the advantages of innovative solar thin-film technology with an intelligent mounting system, integrated inverters, and compatible switching components to form an efficient and economical complete system for installers. All components have an extended product warranty of five years and were developed and tested at the Schüco Technology Center. As a result, the solar modules are guaranteed to have a positive output tolerance (+5/-0%) and to achieve the highest outputs in continuous operation.

Schüco ezFlatroof-Light – a groundbreaking innovation for flat-roof solar commercial installation.

The Schüco ezFlatroof-Light, which is made and engineered in the USA for commercial solar industrial projects, is a solar racking system which allows for the utmost in flexibility and enables fast installation of crystalline solar photovoltaic and thin-film modules. The new system fits on nearly every kind of flat roof, be it on a commercial building or on a single-family home. An outstanding feature: It is possible to precisely orient the solar module to standardized tilt angles of 7.5, 15 and 20 degrees. As a result, the user can react to the specific conditions at the location and achieve maximum electrical energy outputs.

Thermal solar system – hot water with no compromises

Schüco has added residential and commercial solar thermal packages to its solar-thermal range. The building specialist has strung together trouble-free packages tailored perfectly to the needs of commercial usage. The packages contain all the components needed to operate a thermal solar installation, from a heat storage device, to a 1,200 gallon tank, to large solar collectors. The advantage for customers: They obtain all products and services from one source and don’t have to buy and install additional parts later, for example hydraulic control units.

Schuco Solar Thermal Complete Package

Schuco Solar Thermal Complete Package

Schüco solar heat storage device: high-performance insulation, fast installation

Schuco solar heat storage devices are built to last a lifetime. They are extremely corrosion-resistant and have above-average insulation values. Now Schüco is presenting a new generation of solar heat storage devices for use in private residential buildings. The innovative devices contain a double-wall heat exchanger and can be combined more easily than ever before with additional system units such as the Schüco Solar Station PS 1.3 and the Schüco SDC 204 digital controller. All components can be connected directly to the device, time-consuming wiring and system piping are a thing of the past. Both tank versions (double heat exchanger tank system and electric backup tank system) will be offered in two size options: 70/75 gallon for smaller residential systems with approximately 2 – 3 collectors and 110/115 gallon for mid to large size residential systems with 3 – 4 solar collectors.

Said Dirk U. Hindrichs, President and CEO of Schüco International KG: “Our comprehensive solar product portfolio, which is integrated down to the last detail and which we continually and reliably develop, is called Clean Energy² System yechnology. The focus of work is to enhance the value of every building competently, innovatively, and with a view to protecting climate with solar installers products.”

Schuco supports it network of authorized dealers from its two USA locations in Newington, CT and out of the East Bay area in Union City, California, the company is setting standards and showing that urgently needed climate protection and economic success are not mutually exclusive. Promoting the use of environmentally friendly, renewable solar energies has been a primary aim of the company for many years.