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Jobs – Getting Into Solar Wind or Thermal Energy Industry

March 14, 2011 Commercial Solar Installations

The solar industry is the new high demand jobs engine that is going to drive this country back into low unemployment numbers. Boots on the Roof is America’s premier school for solar, wind and solar thermal training. At this school you will receive hands-on education that includes classroom and lab work where you will actually […]

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The Future of Small Cabin or RV Solar is Here Today. Affordable PV Residential Trackers.

February 14, 2011 Off-grid Solar

For years small solar 2 axis trackers have not been cost effective for the average homeowner, but all of that is about to change. A solar tracker is a device for orienting a solar array toward the sun moving the array’s angle tracking with the sun from east to west. A 2 axis tracker allows […]

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Renewable Energy Will See Breakout Job Growth In 2011 With Solar Leading Charge

November 25, 2010 grid-tied solar

Solar Job News – The emerging environmental sector has the potential to beat the national job trends with the enormous growth of clean energy installations. The national jobs growth reports are so dire, it defies belief at times. With America staring down 9% unemployment and may areas of California reporting as high as 22%, solar […]

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Texas Left In The Dark On Solar Power Development

November 21, 2010 Off-grid Solar

Texas solar companies are booming… just not in Texas. Dallas renewable energy investor Panda Power Funds is developing one of the country’s largest solar power plants… in sunny New Jersey. Texas’ second-largest power generator, NRG Energy, is investing in the world’s largest solar thermal power plant… in California. Solar incentives in Texas have come to […]

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Eagles Stadium To Go Off-grid With Mega Solar and Wind Electrical Production

November 19, 2010 Off-grid Solar

The Philadelphia Eagles have made an historic move to power Lincoln Field with a combination of off-grid solar, wind and dual-fuel generated electricity. The Eagles are a shining example of a great corporate citizen making it the world’s first major sports stadium to convert to self-generated solar and wind renewable energy. In one the countries […]

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New Jobs Report Reveals American Solar Jobs On Rise By 24% Over All Other Sectors

November 14, 2010 Off-grid Solar

Solar Job News – Good news for California job hunters, a new US solar job census put out by the Solar Foundation, a nonprofit, non-lobbying organization, found that California is leading the way for new solar jobs. In the overall US economy, solar jobs are growing nearly 13 times faster that all other jobs with a […]

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Changes in Wind & Solar Policies Fueling Fast Growing Renewables In Sub-Saharan Africa Says New Report

October 31, 2010 Off-grid Solar

Investments in solar and wind installations will triple over the next five years according to a new report released by Frost & Sullivan a global energy investment consultant. Much to the delight of local solar installers and manufactures, the solar and wind renewable energy market is starting to develop in sub-Saharan Africa, that is to […]

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New Law Makes Sun Shine Bright For California PACE Solar Financing If And When It is Revived

October 4, 2010 Off-grid Solar

Sacramento Solar News – A new law sponsored by state Rep. Jared Huffman, a San Francisco Bay Area Democrat, was signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Under PACE programs, cities, counties or other public agencies typically issue bonds to set up a funding pool to pay for the tax-assessed solar projects. PACE solar financing was halted […]

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California Energy Commission Expands Loans for Solar Companies

September 11, 2010 Off-grid Solar

California Solar News – No one can say that California is not trying to push the jobs agenda forward here in California. I see headline after headline of stories of the state government hitting the ground running when it comes to solar and other renewable energy sources. Solar jobs are good for the economy. Solar […]

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San Jose International Airport Completes Installation of Solar Energy System with Canadian Solar PV Modules

July 3, 2010 Off-grid Solar

Canadian Solar recently completed a large solar array in San Jose California at the San Jose airport. These types of Northern California solar panel projects are a shinning example of municipal governments taking a leadership roll in our energy independence. Thanks San Jose for your forward thinking. Renewable Energy World SAN JOSÉ , California — […]

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