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Iowa Legislators Propose New Solar Wind Energy Rebates Spur Job Growth

February 12, 2011 Solar Heros

Having spent my youth walking to school on my share of days with my shoulder into Iowa’s winds I am not surprised to hear there is new legislation proposed to spur wind and solar development in the Hawkeye state. The scale of interest for solar and wind energy in this state which is blossoming with [...]

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Eagles Stadium To Go Off-grid With Mega Solar and Wind Electrical Production

November 19, 2010 Off-grid Solar

The Philadelphia Eagles have made an historic move to power Lincoln Field with a combination of off-grid solar, wind and dual-fuel generated electricity. The Eagles are a shining example of a great corporate citizen making it the world’s first major sports stadium to convert to self-generated solar and wind renewable energy. In one the countries [...]

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New Law Makes Sun Shine Bright For California PACE Solar Financing If And When It is Revived

October 4, 2010 Solar Heros

Sacramento Solar News – A new law sponsored by state Rep. Jared Huffman, a San Francisco Bay Area Democrat, was signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Under PACE programs, cities, counties or other public agencies typically issue bonds to set up a funding pool to pay for the tax-assessed solar projects. PACE solar financing was halted [...]

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California School District Approves Large Solar Installation

September 28, 2010 Commercial Solar Installations

Central Valley Solar News – Amid some controversy, Calfornia central valley Lodi school district has approved a $10 million solar panel installation on several schools in the district. The solar panels will produce enough power to sell back to the California grid. Key phrase here, “sell solar electric power back to the grid”. Schools everywhere [...]

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The Golden State, California, Has Now Supercharged Solar & Wind Energy Production

September 24, 2010 Climate Change

Sacramento Solar & Wind Energy News – We all know that renewable energy presents business opportunities for manufactures and small business solar system designers and installers. California solar and wind energy companies are working overtime spurring green careers and job growth, reducing our dependency on foreign oil and cleaning up the air we breath. Now [...]

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Solar is Helping to Keep Our Troops Safe & On The Move

September 17, 2010 Off-Grid Kits

California Solar News – The US marines are raising the bar employing solar to help keep our soldiers safe. Solar generators, solar heating and cooling and portable solar powered equipment reduce the amount of fuel and exposure for support vehicles and personnel. Moving and supplying troops without detection is a life and death issue. Developing [...]

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Santa Cruz Looking For New Solar Clean Air Opportunities. Yeah, baby, yeah! California Take Note To What All “City Leaders” Should be Doing!

September 6, 2010 Climate Change

SANTA CRUZ California Solar News – Boola Boola we say to the Santa Cruz city leaders who are working through incredible road blocks to find ways to create local jobs, such as solar, while helping us breath easier. Reducing emissions goes hand in had with creating local renewable energy jobs in many forms such as [...]

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